Worship and Celebration

Do we do something on the weekend like others churches?  The answers are "Yes" we do something and "No" it's not really like most other churches.  When we gather as one large group we do it first for our kids.  This is the best time to teach them.  We are willing to set aside our expectations and preferences of what church typically looks like to invest in children.  We also believe that coming together to worship God and to acknowledge what He is doing in us and through us is a really big deal.  We see this example throughout the Bible where the people of God Honor Him by celebrating His presence in their lives.  We also believe that this is a great time to do communion.  So that is what we do on Sundays.  We come together and all ages worship together.  We affirm our calling and vision and then we partner together to learn about God alongside the children of our church.  Like everything we do; our Worship and Celebration is genuine, simple and real.  Presently we meet for Worship and Celebration at 10:00 AM on Sundays at the home of David Hopper.  The address is 8407 W. Caron Dr. in Peoria.