As we participate in our community we believe that some will want to be a part of what they see.  They may have a high value for serving and/or they may have a high value for being a part of a church family that will walk along side them, in partnership, learning from each other how to better follow Jesus.  

We don't claim to have all the answers to life.  We do commit to walking along side you in acceptance and an environment of safety do this thing called life together.  

We seek to know and proclaim one thing - Christ.  We study the Bible, we teach the Bible and we want to learn from each other.  We do this for the overall effect of loving God and loving others. 

We do life together. We grow. We encourage. We learn and we serve our neighbors. We want you to be a part of this with us.  You can learn a little more about Life Groups here or contact David at ThriveChurchAZ@gmail.com