Thrive Kids


Thrive Kids is everything that Thrive Church AZ is about but geared to children up to 6th grade.  They have their community of support, connection, safety and challenge as well as doing public service along side the adults and students.  Simply put, we believe in kids and we believe that they are capable of great things now.

Children are the reason we meet together for our Worship and Celebration.  Because schedules don't allow for families to come together regularly; we come together to teach our children each Sunday.  As families we meet for worship of our God, celebration of what He is doing and to participate in the lives of our kids as we disciple them.  This is our Sunday thing.  The teaching is gear toward the kids, but we have no doubt that the lessons learned are applicable for adults.  If you don't always have your kids with you or if you would attend by yourself, this is still for you.  We are a family in Jesus and you are a part of this family.